Candy Wrapper Jigsaw 500 Pieces Puzzle

Project Summary


  • Extent:1 Box + 1 puzzle (die-cut to ~500 PCS puzzle pieces) + 1 instruction sheet + 1 poster
  • SIZE: 50 X 70CM (using our existing die cut line)
  • Puzzle: 4/0c + gloss varnishing on 250gsm CCNB + 500gsm mill board
  • Box: approx. 280 x 225 x 45mm, 4/0c + gloss lam on 128gsm art paper over 500gsm board.Puzzle die cut to 500 pieces & put into a poly bag. Insert the puzzle int box as a set.

Project Detail

Customer Requirements

– Personalized design puzzle printing, high saturation color requirements.

– Need to have the clear visual effect.

– A mesh bag for easy storage of puzzles.

– A textured tactile experience, and fragment that perfectly fits.

Our Solution

1.Every pieces of puzzle are made of high-quality paper material and consists of several layers of thick paper stacked together, giving it a very unique touch. The original plan was to use Mill Board material for production, which would result in faster production speed and relatively lower costs. And after seeing the samples we showed to the clients, they  ultimately chose to use CES Art Paper without hesitation, because the tactile and texture are excellent, suitable for products with strict quality requirements.

2.Color correction is always an important part of printing, especially in the production of jigsaw puzzles. If the color is uneven or the saturation cannot meet the customer’s expectations, even after the jigsaw is completed, the effect will still differ significantly. When the printed color is not bright enough, we usually recommend customers to provide us with PANTONE color codes to unify the expected and final visual effects.

3.The integrity of the puzzle is also quite important. In our rigorous production process, there is no possibility of any missing puzzle, and every link in production is repeatedly checked. Some customers may request additional attachments to each set of puzzles, such as a booklet or a complete large folded poster. Alternatively, it may require storage bags made of different materials to allow consumers to better store unfinished puzzles and prevent loss. We can do all of these, which means we can meet all the requirements for a complete set of puzzles, including accessories.

4.In fact, we have achieved great success in the production of this puzzle, and customers have provided very positive feedback on our product quality and service. We are also very happy to still meet all the needs despite strict requirements, which has increased our confidence in providing customers with higher quality products and more efficient services in the future!

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